For more than 40 years, Kouzmanoff Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. has served insurance producers by placing the highest quality, and most cost efficient, individual disability insurance policies for their clients.  Representing major disability insurance carriers, Kouzmanoff Financial is also a member of the Plus Group, a nationwide organization dedicated to insuring most individuals' single most important financial asset - their good health, which allows them to work and produce needed income.



Assisting producers in selecting and placing the proper disability insurance policy for their client in the simplest manner possible is our number one goal.  Through efficient pre-underwriting, we are able to locate the carrier which will most likely provide the type and cost of coverage most appropriate for your client.

There are a wide range of needs that individuals, professionals, and business owners might have in the event of a long-term disability resulting from an accident or illness.  We offer a wide variety of products to meet these many needs.

  • Personal Individual Disability plans to replace lost income
  • Business Overhead Expense plans to reimburse an owner's business expense
  • Business Buy-Sell plans to fund disability buy-out agreements
  • Key Person Disability plans to compensate an employer for the loss of a key employee in the event of a disability
  • Disability insurance policies to fund retirement plans
  • Disability insurance plans to offset educational loan obligations for physicians and dentists
  • High Limit Disability plans not offered by traditional carriers